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Winner E-mail Marketing service aims to provide the marketing solutions to the corporate clients to deliver their promotional materials to the targeted audience.  The client can apply Winner Business Database for enhancing their marketing activities and for maximizing the return on investment (ROI) for identifying the potential targeted customers.

For client protection, Winner will apply the K-Matrix Sending System to perform the E-mail sending under the Unsolicited Electronic Message Ordinance (UEMO) regulation.  The opt-out mechanism will be provided and all the e-mails will be de-duplicated from the HK Government Opt-out lists prior to the blasting.

The Diagram below illustrated the standard workflow for E-mail Sending Service.

Note: Winner E-mail Marketing Work flow

After the E-mail blasting, Winner will prepare the E-mail Sending Report to the client for their marketing analysis or reference. The opt-out lists will be recorded for exclusion lists.

For details of E-mail Marketing Service, you are welcome to reach our business teams for marketing consultation at 2110 9549 or by e-mail:

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