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Direct Mail Marketing

Winner Direct Mail Marketing Service provides the direct mail promotion for the corporate clients to the targeted audience. With the utilization of Winner Business Database, the client can effectively deliver their promotional mails to the targeted audience for marketing activities or updating the product features.

Based on the client expectation, Winner launched Direct Mail (DM) service to offer the marketing mix for client’s marketing campaigns. The clients can apply this DM service with E-mail Marketing or Telemarketing service to utilize the marketing results. We also provide the competitive lettershop and mailing support to the client for lowering DM cost for running the marketing campaigns.

For better understanding of Direct Mail Service, the client can find the Diagram below to illustrate the standard workflow for Direct Mail Marketing Service.

Note: Winner Direct Mail Marketing Work flow

Winner also provides the Data Guarantee Program for any dead mails from Winner Business Database. All the dead mail data cost will be refund to the client.

For details of Direct Mail Marketing Service, you are welcome to reach our business teams for marketing consultation at 2110 9549 or by e-mail:

For the case studies, please click here.

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